Book menu

1. Find a book on your virtual shelf or on the shelves of your friends.

2. Select the “See more” icon.

3. You are now on the site of the Book menu and you may:

a)     Edit the title description of the book.

Select “Edit data”

Make the following corrections and supplementations:

  • Change the cover of the book – to do so, select “Change the cover” and add a new cover from your local disc.
  • Correct the spelling of the title – to do so, enter the correct title in the “Book title” field.
  • Correct the name and surname of the author to do so, enter the correct data in the “Author” field.
  • Automatically swap places of what is entered in the “Book title” and “Author” – to do so, select “Rotation”
  • Add or change the language of the publication – to do so, select “Language” and then add a language from the search list. If the list does not contain the relevant language, additionally select “Add a new language”, and then enter manually the name of the language in its original spelling. At the end, use “Add” to close the window of adding a new language.
  • Add or correct categories or tags – to do so, enter the names of categories or tags in the “Categories and tags” field. Separate individual categories or tags with commas only.
  • Add or correct the summary of a book – to do so, enter proper text in the “Summary”field.Go to full editing of description data and select “More data” if you want to correct or add:
  • Book series the “Series” field
  • Volume number of a book – the “Volume” field
  • Name and surname of the translator – the “Translation” field
  • Name of the publisher – the “Publisher” field
  • Year of the first edition – the “Year of the first edition” field
  • Year of the current edition – the “Year of the edition” field
  • Name and surname of the illustrator, graphic designer, etc. – the “Editors, illustrators, graphic designers” field
  • ISDN, ISBN numberthe “ISDN, ISBN” field.

Remember that editing changes that you made will be visible on a current basis also on the shelves of other users. The history of changes is public and unnecessary changes may provoke critical reactions of other users.

Confirm all editing changes and corrections by the command “Save changes”. Or cancel – to do so, choose the command “Cancel”.

b)   See History of changes made in the edition of the book by other users.

c)     See Who is reading the book you selected, apart from you

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