Reading In The Cloud

1. Read books in the cloud directly from the virtual shelf owing to our virtual reader.

2. To read in the cloud you do not need to download and copy books to your device (e.g. computer, mobile).

3. Just select a book you want to read. You may use your virtual shelf or shelves of your friends. You may also find a book by using a search engine on the website.

4. After you select a book you want to read, use “See more” next to a book and the command “Read”.

5. You may also go directly to reading the book in the cloud by clicking the book cover or the link containing the title of the book.

6. Now you may read a book directly off the screen of any device (e.g. computer or mobile) connected to the internet. Without any limits and access limitations.

7. While reading a book in the cloud, you may immediately comment on it and share your comments with your friends.


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