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How the PeopleRead.Me works?


  1. My Wall - a place where you may write and post information about yourself and your books, a place of exchange of thoughts and comments.
  2. Recent And Favourites – here you will find recently read books and books tagged as favourite.
  3. Last Upload – here you will find books recently added to the user’s profile.
  4. All Books – here you will find all books – those recently added as well as favourite, read and commented ones.
  5. Friends’ Recent Books - here you will see what books your friends are reading.
  6. All Friends – here you will find your friends.
  7. Bookshelf – a virtual bookshelf with your books or the books of your friends; books are kept here.

Uploading And Converting Books

1. Add books to your account.

2. Use the “Upload books” button.

3. Use “Select a book” to add a book saved on your local disc in one of the following formats: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, TXT, RTF, MOBI, LIT, PRC, EPUB, HTML or PDF. You may use ZIP or RAR files. Use ZIP files to add many files at once. Use RAR files to add a set of HTML files.

4. You may add many books at once. To do so, if you use Windows, it is enough to select books you want to add by pressing CTRL + left mouse button.

5.  Accept the selection of the books and confirm your decision by pressing “Add”.

6.   Wait until the PRM system makes conversion of the files with the books.

7. In the course of the conversion do not close the “Uploading” window. Closing the window will stop the conversion before termination of the process.

8.  If the books were added and converted correctly, they will appear in the “Last Upload”

and “All books” bookmarks in your profile.

9.  Now you may:

read your books in the cloud in the PRM application by selecting “See more” next to a book and the command “Read”,

invite your friends to join you in reading by selecting “Invite new friends” in the “Friends” bookmark,

download books in the format which allows for reading on any reader by “Get it”

edit and correct the title description of a book. To do so, select “See more” next to a book and then “Edit data”


Sharing Books

1.  Share with others the books you added to your bookshelf.

2.  Books that you added to your shelf are automatically shared with all users of PRM.

3. You may also select who you want to share a book with and limit access to it e.g. only to your friends.

4.  To do so, set the Sharing options.

5.  Check the square next to an added book, use “Selected” and then in a newly opened window select “Sharing” and specify the scope of rights.

6.     You may decide that books be shared with:

– everybody

– friends

– selected group – specify or create a group

– you only – select Private

7. Confirm the selected sharing options by selecting “Share”

8. You may also specify “Sharing options” by “See more” next to a book and selecting “Shared”.

Downloading Books

1. Download books and read them off any reader or off your mobile.

2. Use “See more” and select “Get it” or

use the icon.

3. Select the type of reader:

  • Any reader, e.g Eclicto, Onyx, Sony or mobiles iPhone, Samsung, HTC (iOS, Android) – you download in the EPUB format
  • Kindle – you download in the MOBI format
  • Native  format – you download in the format without conversion by means of the PRM application (e.g. PDF, TXT, HTML, etc.)
  • You may also send a book to your Kindle via Amazon.

 4. If you have selected downloading in the EPUB format (any reader):

– save the book locally on the disc of your computer,

– connect your reader, mobile or another multimedia device to your computer,

– copy your books in the EPUB format to the reader, mobile or another multimedia device

– read off the screen of your reader, mobile or another multimedia device.

5. Books in the EPUB format may be read off all available readers.

6. The PRM application allows for copying and reading books in the EPUB format without the DRM security and time limits.

7. If you have selected downloading in the MOBI format:

– save the book locally on the disc of your computer,

– register your Kindle in (if you have not done it yet),

– connect your Kindle to the computer,

– copy your books to the device,

– read them off the screen of your Kindle.

8. If you have selected downloading in the original format:

– save the book locally on the disc of your computer,

– check whether your reader will read the original format,

– connect your reader to the computer,

– copy your books to the device,

– read them off the screen of your reader.

10. The PRM application allows for copying and reading books in the original format without the DRM security.

Reading In The Cloud

1. Read books in the cloud directly from the virtual shelf owing to our virtual reader.

2. To read in the cloud you do not need to download and copy books to your device (e.g. computer, mobile).

3. Just select a book you want to read. You may use your virtual shelf or shelves of your friends. You may also find a book by using a search engine on the website.

4. After you select a book you want to read, use “See more” next to a book and the command “Read”.

5. You may also go directly to reading the book in the cloud by clicking the book cover or the link containing the title of the book.

6. Now you may read a book directly off the screen of any device (e.g. computer or mobile) connected to the internet. Without any limits and access limitations.

7. While reading a book in the cloud, you may immediately comment on it and share your comments with your friends.


Books Search

1. Search for books you are interested in or the people you know by:

  • Search engine

Enter in the search engine a title or its fragment, surname of the author or words which you think will be used in the item description. You may also enter the name and surname of one of your friends that you wish to find. In the search engine you may also select the language of books that you are looking for. Then, the search is conducted within the selected language only.

  • Categories or tags

A list of key words, the so-called tags, and categories attributed to various groups of books is displayed in the right-side navigation panel. Select categories of your interest and tag your favourite books yourself.

  • Category browser

Expand category tree in the top navigation panel below the search engine and search for theme groups of books you are interested in.

  • Popularity browser

Expand the Popular Books tree in the top navigation panel below the search engine and search for books you are interested in.

  • New book browser

Expand the New books tree and see what new books have appeared in PRM.

  • Alphabetical list of titles

In the right-side navigation panel select the first letter of the title of the book you are looking for.


Book menu

1. Find a book on your virtual shelf or on the shelves of your friends.

2. Select the “See more” icon.

3. You are now on the site of the Book menu and you may:

a)     Edit the title description of the book.

Select “Edit data”

Make the following corrections and supplementations:

  • Change the cover of the book – to do so, select “Change the cover” and add a new cover from your local disc.
  • Correct the spelling of the title – to do so, enter the correct title in the “Book title” field.
  • Correct the name and surname of the author to do so, enter the correct data in the “Author” field.
  • Automatically swap places of what is entered in the “Book title” and “Author” – to do so, select “Rotation”
  • Add or change the language of the publication – to do so, select “Language” and then add a language from the search list. If the list does not contain the relevant language, additionally select “Add a new language”, and then enter manually the name of the language in its original spelling. At the end, use “Add” to close the window of adding a new language.
  • Add or correct categories or tags – to do so, enter the names of categories or tags in the “Categories and tags” field. Separate individual categories or tags with commas only.
  • Add or correct the summary of a book – to do so, enter proper text in the “Summary”field.Go to full editing of description data and select “More data” if you want to correct or add:
  • Book series the “Series” field
  • Volume number of a book – the “Volume” field
  • Name and surname of the translator – the “Translation” field
  • Name of the publisher – the “Publisher” field
  • Year of the first edition – the “Year of the first edition” field
  • Year of the current edition – the “Year of the edition” field
  • Name and surname of the illustrator, graphic designer, etc. – the “Editors, illustrators, graphic designers” field
  • ISDN, ISBN numberthe “ISDN, ISBN” field.

Remember that editing changes that you made will be visible on a current basis also on the shelves of other users. The history of changes is public and unnecessary changes may provoke critical reactions of other users.

Confirm all editing changes and corrections by the command “Save changes”. Or cancel – to do so, choose the command “Cancel”.

b)   See History of changes made in the edition of the book by other users.

c)     See Who is reading the book you selected, apart from you

Rate Books

1. Rate books on your shelf or on the shelves of your friends.

2. Add your assessment.

3. Select the book you want to rate and use “See more”.

4. Mark the relevant number of stars in the “Rate” field.

Write Book Reviews

1. Write reviews of books on your shelf or on the shelves of your friends.

2. Select a book whose review you want to write and use “See more”.

3. Select “Reviews and notes”.

4. In the text field enter your comment and use “Send”.

5. Rate a book by choosing the relevant number of stars.